Corey Yuen’s “My Father is a Hero”

Those 2 or 3 seconds Corey Yuen gives to the kid falling down while Jet Li stands frozen, staring in the direction of the villain he just shot, perfectly expose the concise artistry of his filmmaking, the whole final standoff could be put side by side with Samuel Fuller’s Forty Guns and not be harmed in the comparison, even with all the balletic, melodramatic and bizarrely humorous fighting Yuen is known for (in the most well balanced form I’ve seen), there are no distractions from the narrative and character-oriented nature of his shots, and there is no need to interrupt tension and direct action with something else to adress the underlying emotions at play (he does cut to flashbacks a couple of times, but they are tastefully done, not just crutches), it flows with beauty in every movement, but always leaves space to manifest a darker edge.

Christofer Pallú


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